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Meredith, NP16


January 4, 2024


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"Revolutionizing Homes in Newport with Spray Foam Insulation"

Discover how Renewable Green Homes transformed a residence in Newport through our top-tier spray foam insulation services.

With a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, our team took on the challenge of insulating a 100 sqm home, ensuring a cozy environment while reducing energy costs.

Project Overview: Embarking on this project, our first step was a comprehensive condensation risk assessment. This crucial analysis helped us determine the viability of the loft for the insulation job, ensuring optimal results. Our commitment to thorough preparation continued on the day of the job, where we meticulously cleared and cleaned the loft space.

Key Steps in the Process:

Infestation Resolution: Addressing any infestation concerns was our priority, guaranteeing a pest-free environment before proceeding.

Mould Protection and Prevention: We prioritized the longevity and health of the structure by applying a protective spray to the rafters, safeguarding against mould.

Membrane Inspection and Restoration: A critical checkpoint involved checking and restoring any defective membrane, ensuring the durability and effectiveness of the insulation.

Vents Installation: For optimal ventilation, vents were strategically installed, promoting air circulation and maintaining a balanced atmosphere within the home.

Spray Foam Application: The highlight of our process involved the precise application of our premium spray foam insulation. Working meticulously between the rafters, we ensured a seamless and efficient coverage.

Results: The Newport project exemplifies our dedication to providing high-quality insulation solutions. The 25-year manufacturer's warranty underscores our confidence in the durability and effectiveness of our spray foam insulation. At Renewable Green Homes, we are not just transforming spaces; we are creating sustainable and comfortable living environments for our clients.

Choose Renewable Green Homes for insulation that stands the test of time, blending eco-friendliness with cutting-edge technology.

Experience the future of home insulation with us.

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