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January 4, 2024

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Transform Your Loft with Top-Notch Spray Foam Insulation:

Are you ready to revamp your living space?

Our team is equipped to handle a 66 sqm loft transformation, providing you with the ultimate comfort and energy efficiency. Here's a step-by-step breakdown of the process:

Clearance and Cleaning:

Kick off the project with a thorough loft clearance and cleaning.

Address any infestations promptly and efficiently.

Mould Protection:

Rafters receive a meticulous spray for mould protection and prevention.

Membrane Inspection and Restoration:

Check the condition of the membrane.

Restore any defective areas; a complete membrane replacement might be necessary.

Vents Installation:

Ensure optimal ventilation by installing vents.

Spray Foam Insulation:

The highlight of our service - spray foam insulation!

Expertly applied in between rafters for superior insulation.

Why Choose Us?

We specialize in top-quality spray foam insulation, ensuring your loft is not only energy-efficient but also comfortable year-round.

Trust us for a seamless and effective loft transformation!

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