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Hale, CF5


January 4, 2024

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Transforming Homes in Cardiff with Sustainable Spray Foam Insulation

‍Discover how Renewable Green Homes, a leading provider of eco-friendly solutions, transformed a residential property in Cardiff with our high-quality spray foam insulation.

Our primary product, backed by a 25-year manufacturer's warranty, ensures long-lasting thermal efficiency for buildings of any size.

Project Size: Witness the impact of our 54 sqm spray foam insulation project on a home in Cardiff.

Condensation Risk Assessment: Before commencing the job, we conduct a meticulous condensation risk assessment to determine the viability of the loft.

Preparation Day: On the day of the installation, we take comprehensive measures to ensure optimal results. This includes clearing and cleaning the loft, addressing any infestation issues, and applying mold protection to the rafters.

Membrane Inspection and Restoration: We meticulously inspect and restore any defected membrane to guarantee a seamless insulation process.

Vents Installation:To enhance ventilation and overall performance, we install vents as a crucial step before proceeding with the spray foam application.

Spray Foam Application: The heart of our service lies in the precise application of spray foam between the rafters, ensuring thorough and effective insulation.

Explore how Renewable Green Homes is revolutionizing homes in Cardiff and beyond with sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.

Trust us for a comprehensive approach, from initial assessments to the final spray foam application, ensuring a more comfortable and eco-friendly living space.

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