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January 6, 2024



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Transform Your Loft with Top-Notch Insulation! ️

Are you ready to enhance your living space and make it more energy-efficient?

Look no further! Our expert team is geared up to tackle a loft insulation project, ensuring your home stays cozy all year round.

This job involves insulating a 55 sqm loft with spray foam and installing a membrane. The process includes cleaning, addressing infestations, spraying rafters for mold prevention, installing a full membrane, adding vents, and finally, applying spray foam insulation between rafters.

Here's a glimpse of the meticulous process we follow:

Preparation: Thorough cleaning and addressing any infestations to create a clean canvas.

Mold Protection: Rafters are expertly sprayed for mold prevention, ensuring a healthy environment.

Membrane Installation: A full membrane will be seamlessly installed in your loft for added insulation.

Ventilation Enhancement: Strategic vents will be installed to optimize air circulation.

Spray Foam Magic: Finally, our top-tier spray foam insulation will be applied between rafters, sealing the deal for unparalleled thermal comfort.

At Renewable Green Homes, we take pride in offering cutting-edge spray foam insulation solutions. Our mission is not just to insulate; it's to transform your space into an energy-efficient haven.

Ready to make your home a better place? Contact us today for a consultation tailored to your needs!

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