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Eames, WR11


January 4, 2024

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Enhancing Home Comfort and Efficiency with Spray Foam Insulation in Worcester

‍Discover how Renewable Green Homes transformed a residential space in Worcester with our premium spray foam insulation services.

Our client's 52 sqm home underwent a comprehensive process to ensure lasting protection, energy efficiency, and comfort.

Key Steps in the Project:

Condensation Risk Assessment: Before commencing the job, our experts conduct a thorough condensation risk assessment to determine the viability of the loft.

Preparation Day: On the day of the job, meticulous preparation takes place. This includes clearing and cleaning the loft space. Addressing any infestations is a priority to create a clean and safe environment.

Mould Protection and Prevention: The rafters are expertly sprayed to provide robust protection against mould, ensuring a healthier living environment for the occupants.

Membrane Inspection and Restoration: Our team meticulously inspects the existing membrane, addressing any defects. In cases where a full membrane replacement is necessary, we ensure a seamless restoration process.

Vent Installation: Proper ventilation is crucial for a well-insulated space. Our professionals install vents to optimize air circulation, contributing to the longevity of the insulation.

Spray Foam Application: The highlight of the process involves the application of our high-quality spray foam insulation. Applied between the rafters, this step guarantees optimal thermal performance and energy efficiency.

Result: The Worcester project showcases Renewable Green Homes' commitment to providing top-notch spray foam insulation solutions.

With a 25-year manufacturer's warranty backing our work, our clients can enjoy enhanced comfort, reduced energy costs, and a sustainable living space.

Trust us to elevate your home's insulation to new heights.

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