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January 4, 2024

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Transforming Homes with Sustainable Spray Foam Insulation

Discover how Renewable Green Homes revolutionizes living spaces with our flagship product – spray foam insulation.

Our commitment to sustainability is embodied in every project we undertake.

In this featured post, we delve into a recent project encompassing 103 sqm of spray foam insulation and an additional 40 sqm of membrane installation, which included the meticulous removal and disposal of existing foil insulation.

Project Highlights:

Comprehensive Warranty:

Benefit from peace of mind with our 25-year manufacturer's warranty, assuring the longevity and durability of our spray foam insulation.

Condensation Risk Assessment:

Prior to initiating any job, we conduct a thorough condensation risk assessment to evaluate the viability of the loft, ensuring optimal results.

Preparation and Cleaning:

On the day of the job, our dedicated team prepares the area by clearing and cleaning the loft, addressing any existing infestations to create a conducive environment for the insulation process.

Mould Protection and Prevention:

Prioritize the health of your living space with our proactive approach. Rafters are expertly sprayed to safeguard against mould, ensuring a healthy and durable insulation solution.

Membrane Inspection and Restoration:

Our meticulous process involves a detailed check and restoration of any defective membrane, guaranteeing a seamless and effective insulation application.

Vent Installation:

For optimal ventilation, we install vents as needed, enhancing the overall efficiency and performance of the insulation system.

Precision Foam Application:

The crowning moment of the project involves the precise application of spray foam insulation between the rafters, creating a thermal barrier that significantly improves energy efficiency.

Join us in this journey towards sustainable living as we share the success stories of homes transformed by Renewable Green Homes' commitment to excellence in spray foam insulation.

Experience the future of comfort, efficiency, and eco-conscious living.

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