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January 9, 2024

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"Revitalizing Newport Homes with Sustainable Spray Foam Insulation"

At Renewable Green Homes, we recently completed a transformative project in Newport, showcasing our expertise in spray foam insulation.

Our primary offering, featuring a 25-year manufacturer's warranty, ensures energy efficiency and sustainability for buildings of any size.

Project Overview:

Client Location: Newport

Project Size: 50 sqm of spray foam insulation

Key Challenge: Erecting a new party wall in the loft

Our Approach: Before commencing any job, we conduct a thorough condensation risk assessment to determine the loft's viability. On the day of the project, our meticulous process begins with preparing the area. This includes clearing and cleaning the loft space and addressing any pest infestations.

Key Steps:

Mould Protection: Prioritizing long-term durability, we spray the rafters with a protective coating to prevent mould growth.

Membrane Check and Restoration: Our team ensures the integrity of the membrane, addressing any defects to guarantee optimal insulation performance.

Vent Installation: To maintain proper ventilation, we install vents as needed for a balanced and efficient insulation system.

Spray Foam Application: The final step involves expertly spraying the foam between the rafters, providing superior insulation for enhanced energy efficiency.


Our Newport project not only improved energy efficiency but also showcased our commitment to comprehensive insulation solutions.

With Renewable Green Homes, experience a sustainable transformation for your property, backed by our dedication to quality and environmental responsibility.

Transform your space with Renewable Green Homes - Your Trusted Partner for Sustainable Insulation Solutions.

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